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Konza Prairie Biological Station


  • Anyone wishing to conduct research on Konza Prairie Biological Station must complete and submit a permit application at least two weeks in advance of the planned start date for their project.
  • Permits must be completed with enough detail of what you plan to judge the project's potential impact on the environment and on other research.
  • Filling out the permit includes determining site use fees.  If you have questions about the fee schedule, please contact the KPBS Director.
  • All researchers must read and be familiar with the Rules of Site Use before starting work on Konza.  It is also a good idea to become familiar with the hazards you might encounter while in the field.
  • Researchers new to Konza are required to meet with the Assistant Director or other staff member for an orientation to the site and for aid in choosing a location that will work best for the proposed research and not impact any ongoing projects.


Click here to fill out an application for research or educational visit to Konza. Note: by submitting an application for research or educational visit to Konza, you are agreeing that you have read and are familiar with rules of Site Use and that you are aware of the possible hazards you might encounter in the field.