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Konza Prairie Biological Station

Gifts and Donations

Support the Konza Prairie Biological Station by making a donation at this link

  • You can donate to any of the funds below by selecting it from the "Designation" drop-down box at the link above.

Clean Air Warrior Excellence Fund (F56835)Dr. Robert Patrick

This fund was established to provide financial assistance to the Konza Prairie Biological Station to help with research, scholarship funding, lectures and other opportunities to help advance environmental studies at the university. The fund was created in memory of attorney and K-State alumnus Robert Patrick (1947-2015) to honor his proud career at the Environmental Protection Agency and specifically the work he did with the Clean Air Act. Bob devoted his career to improving the environment and was fondly known by colleagues as the “Clean Air Warrior.”

Konza Prairie Research Excellence Fund (F53200)

As the name implies, the primary goal of this fund is to promote research excellence at Konza Prairie Biological Station (KPBS). This fund (which is controlled by the director of KPBS) is used to promote the research activities on KPBS and is not used for routine maintenance. As the account grows, it will support even more research activities on KPBS such as providing financial assistance to graduate students, post-docs, and younger faculty members.

Friends of Konza Prairie (F28950)

This account has been vital for the growth of the environmental education program. Friends of Konza Prairie (FOKP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the support of Konza Prairie.  As a member, your contributions support Konza Prairie's education programs.

Konza Environmental Education Program (F28943)

This account helps to support the environmental education program at Konza Prairie. The Konza Environmental Education Program (KEEP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the support of Education. 

Chris Edler Memorial Scholarship Fund (Q61855)

Chris EdlerThis award recognizes and honors outstanding achievements by graduate students conducting research or educational activities associated with the Konza Prairie Biological Station. It perpetuates the name and memory of Christopher Edler, an outstanding graduate student and teacher dedicated to research on the Konza Prairie, who died December 1993.

Past recipients of the award include:

  • 1994 Eric Strauss
  • 1995 Laura Fisher-Walter
  • 1996 Brock McMillan
  • 1997 John Cavitt
  • 1998 Bill Rogers
  • 1999 Mendy Smith and Sara Baer
  • 2000 Greg Hoch
  • 2001 Brett Danner and Melody Kemp
  • 2002 Michelle Lett
  • 2003 Aaron Reed and Bill Jensen
  • 2004 Ryan Rehmeier
  • 2005 Duncan McKinley
  • 2006 Katie Bertrand
  • 2007 Jayne Jonas and Jacqueline Nooker
  • 2008 Page Klug
  • 2009 Alyssa Riley
  • 2010 Sally Tucker
  • 2011 Daniel Carter
  • 2012 Ben VanderWeide
  • 2013 Jacqueline Ott
  • 2014 Zak Ratajczak
  • 2015 Edward James Raynor
  • 2016 Kimberly O'Keefe
  • 2017 Bram Verheijen and Ellen Welti
  • 2018 Rory O'Connor
  • 2019 Garrett Hopper
  • 2020 Lindsay Bruckerhoff and Kent Connell
  • 2021 Seton Bachle