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Konza Prairie Biological Station

Policy Prohibiting Discrimination and Harassment


The Konza Prairie Biological Station is committed to Kansas State University’s vision to build and enrich a safe, respectful environment and learning community that is rooted in respect and fair practices, that values all backgrounds and intersectionalities, and that contributes to the inherent dignity and growth of all. As a KSU research facility, we adhere to the university's anti-discrimination policy, which prohibits unlawful forms of discrimination and/or harassment including, but not limited to, racial or ethnic discrimination and sex discrimination or sexual harassment. This policy is available in the University’s Policy and Procedures Manual at Chapter 3010.

The Office of Institutional Equity is the University office responsible for receiving complaints and processing them under the policy. The University offers many types of resources and support for individuals experiencing harassment or discrimination; related information is available here.

OIE also offers training on the policy and related topics periodically throughout the year to interested university community members.