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Konza Prairie Biological Station

Meeting, Research, and Housing Facilities

Note: These facilities are restricted to affiliated Kansas State University units and organizations.

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Konza Meeting Hall 

The historic barn at KPBS headquarters is now a versatile meeting facility with a lecture hall capable of seating 80-100 individuals and a larger, multipurpose room.






Hulbert Center

The limestone ranch house (Dewey ranch house) contains the KPBS offices, a reading room, classrooms, and a dormitory housing facility.

Guest cottage



Note: On-site housing is reserved for visiting researchers, college course participants, or workshop participants.







The Ecology Laboratory building contains three laboratories, computer room, plant processing and root washing facilities, bathroom with shower, and researchers shop.




Fire Station

The Konza Fire Station building houses fire trucks and equipment, maintenance shop, and site manager's office. All station buildings have T-1 line computer connectivity to the K-State campus.