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Konza Prairie Biological Station

Education and Outreach

girl with bugsThe Konza Prairie Biological Station provides educational opportunities for students of many ages, from elementary school to post-graduate level. The station conducts programs in prairie ecology for visiting class groups, the interpretation of Konza research programs for the general public, and a Schoolyard LTER program. The environmental educator provides training for elementary and secondary school teachers, and volunteer docents who assist with groups. Contact the Konza Environmental Education Program (KEEP) at (785) 587-0381 for reservations or further information regarding programs for K-12 schools.

K-State faculty and KPBS-affiliated scientists from other universities provide research training for dozens of undergraduate and graduate students each year. KPBS also hosts field trips and class visit from K-State and other institutions. Field research groups and college classes are invited to visit the station for educational purposes, and lodging is possibile depending on dates and availability.  Contact the office at (785)587-0441 for more information.