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Konza Prairie Biological Station


All research or group activities (e.g., classes, tours, workshops, etc.) at KPBS beyond the publicly accessible Nature Trail require advance notice and an approved KPBS permit (link provided below). If you have questions about potential use of the KPBS site prior to submitting a permit, please contact the KPBS Director, John Blair (jblair@ksu.edu).

  • Anyone wishing to conduct research or an educational tour activity at KPBS must submit a permit application at least two weeks in advance of the planned start date.
  • Research permits must provide sufficient detail to judge the project's potential impact on the environment and on other research.
  • Research and other activities at KPBS are subject to Site Use Fees. If you have questions about fees for proposed activities, please contact the KPBS Director.
  • Researchers new to KPBS are required to meet with the Assistant Director or other staff member for an orientation to the site and assistance in choosing research locations that meet project needs and do not interfere with ongoing projects.
  • If you or anyone associated with your group desires a letter of authorization confirming that they have a registered research project and permission to conduct research on the KPBS grounds, please email the KPBS director, John Blair, (jblair@ksu.edu) with: the project title, name(s) of research personnel, and inclusive dates that the researcher(s) will be on site at KPBS.  

Click here to fill out a Permit Application for research or an educational visit. By submitting an application for research or educational visit to KPBS, you agree that: